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Just £1 will allow you to plant one sapling at our Gurkha Memorial Forest in Nepal to commemorate the heroism and loyalty of the Gurkha soldiers who fought for our freedom in the Second World War. Once completed, the forest will consist of a 12 kilometre long wildlife corridor that will offer safe passage to Nepal's endangered wildlife, including its dwindling population of wild elephants. Could you help us plant five trees? Or ten trees? Or even more?

The forest will eventually incorporate 12 dense clusters representing the 12 Victoria Crosses won in the Second World War. The first of these will commemorate the bravery of Captain Lalbahadur Thapa VC who won the first Gurkha VC in 1943, Captain Thapa led his men in a night attack on Rommel’s lines in Tunisia,  fighting their way up a gulley, storming machine gun posts armed with bayonet and the dreaded Gurkha knife, the khukri.

Captain Thapa’s citation read: “The outstanding leadership, gallantry and complete disregard for his own safety shown by Subadar Lalbahadur Thapa were an example to the whole Company, and the ruthless determination of this Gurkha officer to reach his objective and kill his enemy had a decisive effect on the success of the whole operation”.

Please donate now to help us commemorate this formidable soldier and the many others whose gallantry may be lost to history. You can donate here online or, if you prefer, you can text as follows:

To donate £1, text GURKHA to 70201
To donate £3, text GURKHA to 70331
To donate £5, text GURKHA to 70970
To donate £10, text GURKHA to 70191

Thank you.

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First donation made!

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